Founder Sheuante Butler takes pride in the beauty of people. 

"Alpha omega is where my journey start at a young age. My mother had me shampooing her clients. As I got older, I’ve always said I wanted to do hair. My cousin and best friend were my first clients! As I got older I started working at Daisey's Healthy Hair Salon where I learned how to care for hair to keep it healthy and growing. I always say my hands are Jesus hands because I always perform miracles🥰. Hair is my passion it’s what I love to do! I love the reaction when I turn my client around to see themselves in the mirror. This is my ministry! Beauty isn't just hair it's your overall being. Now that I’m into the whole body! I’ve added body sculpting to my belt! Let me transform your whole body! You don’t have to time or will power to lose weight? I got you! Laser lipo cavitation, butt lifting, and butt cupping. I'm here for you!"